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A way to liberation

Essential themes in my artistic world are movement, body, color, and water, all together by a mainly cathartic and liberating function. In the various phases of my world, it is possible to guess or breathe and obtain a glimpse of a frame of lived parallel and closely linked to the artistic stage in question.

 For me, art is essentially the canal of vent of emotions that live within me, and often control me. Through the color and the shape, my emotional world finds its own path towards the exterior, both lightening and enriching me with a new awareness. From the unitary, isolated and autistic figure, I went through a phase of searching the order, through the subdivision of space into sub-fields of action.


At this point in my journey, the prevalence of color and plurality in almost all my works indicates my position in the world, with a look finally oriented towards the outside, the other, the plural: a sort of social "birth" after a long time stage of emotional blockage. The figures chase each other, follow one another, and mix in a chaotic and multidimensional landscape, giving life to an animated and sometimes dreamlike world.


Here the context begins to take shape: in the form of color and thickness, intensity and transparency.Volumes sketched, and suggested shapes. Thicknesses dictated by the color and the different intensities of the same. Spaces that are sometimes empty and sometimes defined. All these elements suggest and stimulate the imagination of the viewer, allowing a subjective and personal vision of the work.

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