I have traveled around quite a bit, and I tend to get interested in the traditional way art is produced in the country where I’m living. Now, in New York City, I am studying the human body, along with shadow and light, at the Art Student League. 
I draw, paint and sculpt what I see in front of me, but I don’t feel the need to stay strictly realistic. Something unconscious guides my choices. Because of my mood on a given day, I might make a human figure vibrant blue or orange, faceless, or surrounded by ghosts.
When I work, I want, - simply -, to get an emotional truth. This truth might move or inspire viewers; viewers might recognize bits of their own inner worlds in my work. A sense of wonder, a moment of re-connecting with one's imagination--this is what I hope to create through my art.
I began dedicating my time to sculpture, for I am very intrigued by three dimensions. To me, the space in paintings seemed limited by works on paper, whereas, through sculpture, it seemed to grasp more honestly and truly the reality that surrounds me and pervades me. 

Grazia Imperio


10029 New York